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Subcontractor protection in Spain in the construction sector

Subcontractor protection in Spain is a matter of interest because it is an area of construction law with great disparities […]

What is the real cost of an employee for a Spanish company?

When it comes to salaries, the key elements that a Spanish employer must consider is what a certain salary will […]

Exequatur of arbitral awards in Spain – your guide to success

How to easily obtain the recognition and enforcement of an arbitral award in Spain Exequatur of arbitral awards in Spain […]

Explaining the future under 6 minutes. One of the best videos on Blockchain: what it is and how it works.

 What is Blockchain Technology? You have heard a lot about it, but have never had the chance to really […]

Stock options under Spanish law: an alternative employee compensation?

How can stock options under Spanish law be used as an alternative employee compensation? Stock Options under Spanish law are […]

Service of documents in the European Union- Recent case-law of the CJEU

What happens when we need to serve a court document to a person or company that is located in another […]

IP Infringement during “Alimentaria 2016”: Rapid Intervention Protocol from Barcelona Courts

Throughout the fair “Alimentaria” (from today until April 28), Barcelona Courts have adopted a rapid intervention protocol to guarantee to the industry […]

How can I get my claim repaid through necessary insolvency filing in Spain?

If you google “Concurso necesario en España” (necessary insolvency filing in Spain), you won’t get many results. In fact, statistics […]

How to protect my claim in case of my debtor’s voluntary insolvency in Spain?

Voluntary insolvency in Spain (concurso voluntario) is the legal process that allows a debtor to declare itself insolvent before a […]

Secrets of the Spanish Patent Box and Other Tax Incentives to R&D in Spain

Spanish Patent Box (also known as “IP Box”) is a tax incentive which consists in a reduction of the taxable […]

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