The settlement of payments. The bankruptcy mediation

Introduced by Law 14/2013 of 27 September, support for entrepreneurs and internationalization, the settlement payment is a way to get [...]

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Paying VAT in Europe: What is VIES and How Does it Apply To Business Transactions?

What is VIES? It works as an electronic method of VAT number validation for economic operators in the EU region.  [...]

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Civil Asset Recovery in Spain (Brexit Special)

After almost three years since the United Kingdom announced they were leaving the European Union, and after a 10-month transition [...]

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What is Asset Confiscation and Why Does it Matter So Much?

The confiscation of assets in both criminal and civil proceedings is necessary to help prevent and fight fraud. As a [...]

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The Mutual Recognition of Freezing Orders in the EU: What You Need to Know

Regulation 2018/1805 of 14 November 2018, on the mutual recognition of freezing orders and confiscation orders, came into effect across [...]

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Asset Recovery in Spain: 11 Crimes That Can Result in Asset Confiscation

  The confiscation of assets in Spain is possible when one of the following crimes has been committed: 1. Money [...]

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The Relationship Between Fraud, Insolvency and Asset Tracing in Spain

Do you need to better understand how fraud, insolvency, asset tracing and asset recovery in Spain relate to each other? [...]

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Asset Tracing, Recovery and Fraud in Europe: The Main Differences Between Common Law and Civil Law

Staying up to speed about the differences between Common Law (i.e. the Anglo-Saxon legal tradition) and Civil Law (i.e. European [...]

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Asset Tracing in Spain: 5 Ways to Determine Who Owns a Spanish Company

Do you need to find out who owns a company in Spain, but you’re not sure where to start? Understanding [...]

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Asset tracing: UNCITRAL suggests possible work in the area of insolvency law.

This article appeared on INSOL World Magazine, Q2, 2020 and is reproduced by kind permission of INSOL International. Available in [...]

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