Invest in Barcelona

Our joining Blita has gotten us to know a public catalog of services to invest in Barcelona.This catalogue is offered by "Invest in Catalonia-Accio 10", [...]

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Golden Visa in Spain

Since September 2013, new immigration rules apply in Spain to promote foreign investment. One of them is the so called [...]

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Asset recovery in an insolvency context

You will find below the presentation our firm gave at the AIJA Seminar that took place in Genoa on 26 September 2014, regarding [...]

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Prevention of money laundering: reporting requirements on the “real owner”

Spanish Royal Decree Nr. 304/2014, of 5 May, implements the law on prevention of money laundering and the financing of [...]

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Agency and distribution agreements in Spain. Termination. Indemnity for new customers

Spanish regulatory framework The agency contract in Spain is regulated by a 1992 law that implementing the EU Directive on [...]

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In Spain, a positive look at the economy, at last

The latest edition of IESE Business School’s International Economic Overview (May 2013, nº 8), makes reference to the report prepared by the Spanish [...]

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New Court fees in Spain

The Spanish Parliament is currently discussing a project for significantly raising Court fees before the end of 2012. Such increase is [...]

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50th Anniversary of AIJA- Congress in Barcelona

Between the 28 August and 1 September 2012, the 50th Congress of AIJA, International Association of Young Lawyers, took place in Barcelona. LAWANTS took part [...]

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What to do if your client gets a letter from a Spanish “administrador concursal”?

The current crisis is hitting hard European and especially Spanish companies. The number of insolvency proceedings has hit historical record numbers in 2011 [...]

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