Steps to apply for the Asignación de NIE por motivos económicos in Spain

Here are the steps to request the asignación de NIE por motivos económicos in Spain (white NIE): 1) Download and [...]

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When it comes to finding alternatives to fund entrepreneurial projects, tax advisors are often asked which are the instruments at [...]

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Explaining the future under 6 minutes. One of the best videos on Blockchain: what it is and how it works.

 What is Blockchain Technology? You have heard a lot about it, but have never had the chance to really [...]

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Stock options under Spanish law: an alternative employee compensation?

How can stock options under Spanish law be used as an alternative employee compensation? Stock Options under Spanish law are [...]

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Service of documents in the European Union- Recent case-law of the CJEU

What happens when we need to serve a court document to a person or company that is located in another [...]

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IP Infringement during “Alimentaria 2016”: Rapid Intervention Protocol from Barcelona Courts

Throughout the fair “Alimentaria” (from today until April 28), Barcelona Courts have adopted a rapid intervention protocol to guarantee to the industry [...]

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How can I get my claim repaid through necessary insolvency filing in Spain?

If you google "Concurso necesario en España" (necessary insolvency filing in Spain), you won’t get many results. In fact, statistics [...]

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Secrets of the Spanish Patent Box and Other Tax Incentives to R&D in Spain

Spanish Patent Box (also known as "IP Box") is a tax incentive which consists in a reduction of the taxable [...]

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2014 Corporation Tax and Income Tax for Non Residents in Spain

With regards to the start of the general deadline for the submission of the Spanish Corporation Tax and Income Tax [...]

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Establishing LATAM investments in Spain

Latin America is generally well-known for being the recipient of foreign investment… but what about LATAM investments outside of the region? [...]

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