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Here at LaWants we offer accounting and tax consultancy services that meet the needs of our clients. From our offices in Barcelona and Madrid, we provide the best tax, accounting and business guidance for our clients.

Our extensive experience allows us to provide international tax optimization services, financial analysis and guidance in finding the best investment.

LAWANTS carries out an exhaustive Financial Analysis, evaluating and examining the company’s financial statements with the ultimate aim of diagnosing the company in order to make the most of available opportunities and tackle any problems, thus maximizing its value.

LAWANTS gives clients the peace of mind of having an expert labor consultant to take care of staff management, cutting costs and optimizing resources. We prepare labor contracts, payroll, settlements and cost reports.

Companies need to control their tax obligations to the Treasury, but in most cases do not have someone with the necessary knowledge of tax obligations. LAWANTS optimizes clients’ tax obligations thanks to our expertise, our experience as tax consultants and our ongoing study of the various tax provisions that appear in the legal system.

Every business needs adequate accounting advice that allows them to control their cash flow, but (unknowingly) very few companies receive it.

LAWANTS knows how important it is to provide each of our clients with tax optimization for their resources and property, both nationally and internationally.

Over our years of experience, LAWANTS has generated a network of personal and institutional contacts with the aim of sharing skills and expertise, seeking out investment opportunities and creating synergies to offer our clients in order to open up new markets abroad. This way, we help you find the best investment.

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