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Lawants has been appointed ICC’s FraudNet member for Spain

FraudNet is an international network of independent lawyers who are leading civil asset recovery specialists in each country. It currently […]

Call-off Stock in Spain – Procedure and differences compared to Consignment Stock

Until not long ago, if a EU company wanted to send its goods to a warehouse in Spain  to then […]

Litigation and insolvency measures in Spain as a result of the declared state of alarm regarding the coronavirus COVID-19

UPDATE: Limitations lifted to the filing of writs by telematic means starting on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 Subsequent processing will […]

Spain: financial measures to support businesses for Coronavirus Covid-19

TUESDAY 17 MARCH 2020 We write this with reference to the exceptional and difficult situation caused by Coronavirus to inform […]

Coronavirus: What is Force Majeure?

The situation around the Coronavirus is evolving rapidly and it seems that the reflections of past week have become obsolete […]

Coronavirus: I Threw a Party but Nobody Came

A typical scene in some movies or television series is the one in which a host decides to organize a […]

Why Spain could save Europe

The Spanish case goes against one of the tenets of economics: deflation is positive! According to the final data, Spain’s […]


When it comes to salaries, the key elements that a Spanish employer must consider is what a certain salary will […]

How to obtain the NIE without an employment contract in Spain

Getting the NIE without an employment contract in Spain? You can – even without residency and without a bank account! […]

Steps to apply for the Asignación de NIE por motivos económicos in Spain

Here are the steps to request the asignación de NIE por motivos económicos in Spain (white NIE): 1) Download and […]

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